Vendor Management Software

Let VendorRisk™ handle the nitty-gritty aspects of running the application so you can focus on your actual work.


Vendor Management

  • List all your vendors, their status & address info
  • Unlimited contacts per vendor
  • Upload 3rd party & insurance policy documents

Contract Management

  • Keep track of termination dates
  • Receive multiple reminders prior to termination
  • Upload unlimited contract-related documents


  • Assess risk using custom questionnaires with weighted scoring
  • Assign each vendor a risk level
  • Review committees can approve/reject a submitted review

Due Diligence Reviews

  • Collect info & documentation from vendor during the on-boarding process
  • Allow the vendor to upload their responses themselves from a secure web portal
  • Review committees can approve/reject a submitted review

Performance Reviews

  • Evaluate and score your vendors with custom built questionnaires
  • View any incidents/SLA violations the vendor had during review period
  • Review committees can approve/reject a submitted review

Incident Tracking

  • Track details of a vendor incident
  • Determine if the incident breaches the contract’s SLA
  • Serves as valuable documentation during contract renewal negotiations

Get organized and impress your auditors. Save time and money by consolidating your vendor management efforts in one place.

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