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Call Center Risk Management

Use Case: Call Center Risk Management

The hallmark of a positive Call Center environment is a commitment by the board of directors and senior management to strong controls across wide variety of functional areas. Management is responsible for establishing and maintaining effective internal controls that minimize the Call Center’s risk profile, is responsive to changes in the bank’s environment and conditions and optimizes customer service. Call Center management oversees operations and provides leadership and direction for the communication and monitoring of control policies, practices and processes. They also implement strategies and policies by establishing effective internal controls and delegating or allocating control duties and responsibilities to appropriate personnel. Assessing the risks in each of the functions, areas and activities in the Call Center environment will help senior managers more effectively deploy products and services and will minimize loss exposure and reputational damage due to dissatisfaction with customer service and delivery systems.

Who Should Assess the Risk: Call Center Manager, Director of Operations, Chief Operating Officer, BSA Officer