TraceRiskUncategorized12 Steps to Implement ERM for CRO’s (downloadable presentation)

12 Steps to Implement ERM for CRO’s (downloadable presentation)

Risk Assessments and Reports are one of the most critical documents for your financial institution, yet often the most difficult and overwhelming to interpret and apply. TraceRisk joins us for a webinar that gives you a better way to begin approaching your FI’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program and reporting.

Our 90-minute session will include:

  • Developing a common language around ERM for a better starting place
  • Simplifying the system-wide Risk Assessment process with avenues to dig deeper
  • Understanding Risk Mitigation vs. Risk Remediation
  • Incorporating your Audit Plan with your Residual Risk Outcomes
  • And more!

The attached presentation was offered in the CBANC Education Webinar network.

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